"I still have pain everywhere"

The event has occurred in reality. Hans is actually called something else.

It was an ordinary Friday in March 1992. I worked with scaffolding and was with my colleague at a penthouse, 12 meters high. We had just lifted more material when a clutch on the scaffold gave way.

Woke up on the ground

I saw that my colleague managed to cling up there and thought: "Good. At least he will be ok". Then I woke up on the ground when the ambulance arrived. I tried to stand up, but could not.

At the hospital, they told me I had a leg and an arm fracture, and said that I would soon be on my feet again. But it turned out that the foot and my back were severely injured. I was rushed to Uppsala, where I was met by a doctor directly at the ambulance. When he lifted my injured leg, my knee turned in the wrong direction.

Covered with plaster and bandage

I endured many surgeries. First my back, then the leg and knee. I was covered with plaster and bandages and had to lie on a moving mattress to avoid bedsores. After two weeks in Uppsala, it was three months at Västerås hospital, where I lay in a special bed with a machine that bent the broken knee.

I had great support from my wife all the time, and at home, the parents-in-law helped with the children and much more.

The wheelchair weighed a ton.

Once I got home, it was in a wheelchair that weighed a ton, and I went back to the hospital twice a week to learn to stand and walk. Eventually, I was ready for job training and became employed at the company I worked for, which gave me a chance for a new career.

Many years later, I still have pain everywhere and am waiting for new knees and new hips. But life turned out pretty well in the end, and I thank my family and friends for that. They were there when it was at its worst. So never give up, no matter how bad it gets. But above all: always use the protective equipment available.


Fall protection - It's this simple

There are lots of reasons to use fall protection, and all of them are good. Fall protection allows you to work safely and efficiently, and if you fall, you will survive, without severe consequences. The choice is yours, but why take a chance? Wear fall protection.